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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani

Biography سوانحی خاکہ
Englishانگریزی Urdu اردو  
  Abul Fadl Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Ali al-Kannani al-Asqalani , better known by the name of Imam Ibn Hajar, was born in Cairo in 773/1372. He began his studies at the age of five and completed the memorisation of the Quran by the age of nine.A Shafi'i scholar and hadith master, he studied under renowned scholars in Cairo, Yemen and the Hijaz. Known as Shaykh al-Islam, scholars travelled from far away lands to take in knowledge from him. He authored many works on hadith, history, biography, Quranic exegesis, poetry and Shafi'i jurisprudence; among the most famous of them is his fourteen-volume commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari called Fath al-Bari. He passed away in Cairo in 852/1449. حافظ ابن حجر عسقلانی ایک نامور فقیہہ،محدث اور مورخ تھے وہ 1372 عیسی بمطابق773 ہجری میں پیدا ہوئے انہوں نے حصول علم کے شوق میں متعدد بار شام، مصر، یمن اور حجاز کا سفر کیا اور اسی باعث وہ حافظ عصر کے لقب سے معروف ہوئے انکا تعلق شافعی فقہ سے تھا اور وہ علم حدیث میں سند شمار کئے جاتے ہیں۔ انکی تصانیف کی تعداد 150 سے زائد ہے انکا انتقال 1440 عیسوی بمطابق 852 ہجری میں ہوا انکی کتب کی مختصر فہرست درج ذیل ہے
Some of his works include
تصانیف و تالیفات
1. Fath ul Baari fi Sharh Sahih Bukhari: A commentary on the superb collection of Hadith by Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari. The most famous and well-informative commentary on Sahih Bukhari.
  2. Bulugh Maram min adillatil ahkaam: [English: Attainment of the objective according to evidence of the ordinances]. A very popular book on Hadith as it relates to finding evidence for basic Islamic jurisprudence. Al Haafidh Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalani was a prominent Qadi in Egypt as well as in Ash-Sham for twenty-one years. He was humble, tolerant, and patient. He was described to be hilarious, steadfast, prudent, ascetic, selfless, generous, charitable, and he spent much time in voluntary prayer and fasting. Those who came to know him praised him of his high standard of good mannerisms in dealing with rulers, Imaams, as well as those who sat with him young or old.
  • الاصابہ فی تمييز الصحابہ
  • فتح الباری شرح صحیح البخاری
  • تهذيب التهذيب
  • تقريب التهذيب
  • المطالب العالیہ بزوائد المسانید الثمانیہ
  • بلوغ المرام من ادلۃ الاحكام
The tomb of Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani-(RA)
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