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Monday, January 27, 2014

Imraz E Ruhani Ki Shanakhat aur Ilaj

Healing of spiritual diseases is necessary for humans, Islam focus specially on the bases of these diseases and directed Muslims to avoid all those actions which become the cause of biggest spiritual diseases, so many Muslim Scholars always pointed out many actions which are in start looks much lovely, attractive and charming but as a result all these actions converted to huge evils in Society, as Prophet Muhammad PBUH says most are Wrongdoer but best is that who is best to repent and decides not to do any evil again, main evils are given as Pride, Envy , Hypocrisy,XXX, (Sex) Suspicion, Rancor, Hoard, Anger, Greed, Love of the world, Hope Antagonism, Hypocrisy, Stupidity, Neglect, Ignorance and Cowardice etc. these functions or actions may be the look or feel by us as permitted (Mubaah مباح), but as a result become the cause of big sins, many are forbidden (حرام)، many actions may be Abominable................. now search all these signs and symptoms in yourself honestly , its time now do not think you are good person and spartan, think about yourself badly and always keep searching in yourself these signs, when you successfully identify these signs then you can easily treat these evils and overcome your sins.

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