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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shia aur Jabir Hukmaran

Shia aur Jabir Hukmaran is an Urdu book with historical facts by Allama Jawad Mughnia. It is very hard to rule over with 100 percent justice, but if the ruler is really just and kind than he should consult for public interest with public and should always be touch with public affairs. He should understand religion as well as the affairs of world also remain in his mind and he devoted himself in way of Allah for public interest and religion of Islam. Writer displays many facts of Shiites History when a tyrant kings take over the caliphate and common Muslims were in trouble only for the luxury life of those kings, those kings driving nation out of way and not following Koran and Sunnah, so Shiites were the frst who took stand for this injustice and lawlessness. So the History became reddish with the blood of Shiites and all other true Muslims.

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