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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Ka Asli Roop

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Ka Aslee Rup is an Urdu book authored by Mufti Rashid Mehmood Rizwi. There are many doubts about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, many Muslims Scholars from India say that Syed was a person who was agent of Britain and with his greedy nature he got rewards from British Govt by misguiding Muslims Youths, he denied hell, heaven, angels and Islamic Ideal Personalities. I can refer two books in which I read Syed was originally was an agent of West, i.e. Jinnah, Allama Mashrqi aur Sir Syed which was authored by a worker of Tehreek Khaksaar. On other hand Asrar Alam also said Syed as Agent and Anti Islamic radical in his books Dajjal, Khufa Agencies aur Unka Tariqa Kar etc. (You may find these books at official site of Asrar Alam). But in lst year he wrote a book Sir Syed Ki Baseerat in which he claims about Sir Syed was a Pure Muslims who worked hard for Muslims. However here another book is also available about Sir Syed, read and decide..........

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