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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ya Rasool Allah Kehny Ka Jawaz

Ya Rasool Allah Kehny Ka Jawaz is a short Urdu Book by Allama Saraj Ahmed Saeedi. Ibn Qem Al Jauzi (Read Book Dawai Shafi by Jauzi)who is followed by Deobandi and Wahabi sect of Islam, wrote in commentary of Verse 63 of Chapter Noor of Holy Quran, as : Allah ordered the servants of Muhammad PBUH to always call Muhammad as O Prophet of Allah, (Ya Rasool Allah) and never call O Muhammad PBUH because of honor and respect of a Prophet and Leader of All Prophets. Allama Muhadith Dehlwi also quoted this commentary. (Read Books by Shah Abdul Haqq Dehlwi Ashura & Ayyam e Islam). This book is reply for questions and objections from those sects who deny to say Ya Muhammad or Ya Nabi.

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