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Friday, May 1, 2015

Miseries of Labor

Miseries of Labors / Workers: On first Day of May of each year we see many banners and red cards as well as slogans which remind us to take care of labors and protect their rights. In Pakistan, under the rules and laws of this country Labors are have protection but no implementation can be seen, Brick Agencies & and many other institutions run by private owners and Land Lords have their own rules and they do not pay such wages and facilities to workers/labors which they should be enjoyed. As in Pakistan when Mr. Nawaz Sharif was not in Govt, announced on Labor Day , 1 May, that their Govt will increase wages of Labors from 9000 to 12000 per month. But the implementation on such announcement commence on February 2015. Many of worker's Unions such Municipal Employees Union having title CBA went to different plate forms to get an order to implement on 12000 wages per month in TMA , Khanewal. After all they got an order from DCO Khanewal to follow the instructions by Govt of Punjab Finance Department of 12000 minimum monthly wages of workers. Here a slide show of workers has been given which will show how they do hard work but in reward very low rates of wages but their time period of hard working is normally from 7/8 AM to 9/10 PM. Each year we march traditionally for workers and their rights but after this day we never pay any attention to them, as our Prophet PBUH said to pay wages to labors as soon as possible and always pay they according to their hard work. Take care of them and do not get much hard work from them.
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