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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scenes of Eid Al Azha Celebrations in World

Eid Al Azha is eid for sacrifice for others, it is celebrated in memory of event of Hazrat Abraham and his son Ismael a.s, as once Abraham a.s dreamed that he is slaughtering his son Ismael, (Prophets dreams always are based on truth from Allah), Abraham a.s understood Allah is demanding sacrifice of her son Ismael a.s, so Abraham slaughtered his son, but when he saw there was an animal from heaven was slaughtered instead of Ismael and Allah says, indeed you make truth your dream. From that day Allah make Sunnah of Abraham for all others who will come in world. Here below few pictures from different countries where Muslims are living now a days show you how they celebrate/offer prayer of Eid , here pictures from China, America, Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sudan, U.A.E, Palestine, Egypt, and many others, 

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