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About This Site

Books Tube is a site where PDF books, novels, history books, travelogues, Koran and Kids Books. This site is a Part of Urdu Tube, There are many site which are giving many Urdu PDF Books to read for readers online as far as an option to download them. But there is a problem and a difficulty that when we open any book, in a result book opens in new window or on new page where there many pop up ads open too. Then book take many minutes in open. Their download facility is too very heavy and dull.Many Books having many watermarks, backgrounds and header and footer layers in them due to them reader becomes very disturbed. But Books Tube is a lite and easy to browse your favorite books, only open your desired book, it will be displayed below its title and descriptions etc. Read Books and if you want to download it then there are tow ways given in Urdu and English , Just Follow those instructions here.....in Urdu & English.
Books that are compiled and bind in many volumes  i.e History of Tabri, Ibn e Khaldoon, Tafseer Books etc. which have many volumes , now all are jointly available in one volume in PDF form and you may read all volumes easily by moving internally in a book title by title.
Easily Move from one book to other , related book or random books, all books catalog is in your access to chose any book. if you like any book then please share it with your friends.
As well As Latest Monthly Digests, Magazines and Novels are being uploaded here continuously as soon as they published and available for Reading, here we add latest stuff only for advertisement, to help authors and publishers to recover their investment you should purchase hard copies of the books etc.  
We noted that by surfing internet that many sites provide latest monthly digests but these are pertained on double pages, even we starts work to scan these pages on single that are easy to read online or after downloding on your computer or other devices. Links are updated regularly, when this sites was started only other books were added then we also started to add latest monthly digests, books, novels and magazines.
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